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    New MDP Membership Drive!!!

    Last day Jan. 10th

    @ the Mall


    Feb. 14 Michigan Democratic Party Winter Convention

    Michigan for Obama

    13th/14th Grass Roots


    MDP Chair

    Ray Plowden

    Walkers Exploratory Committee

    MDP Black Caucus

    Maurice Badgett Jr, Chair

    Shelia Dapermont 1st. VP

    Lee Yancy 2nd VP

    MDP Young Dems. Caucus

    18 – 35 years old

    Elizabeth Badgett Chair

    Martell Billings 1st VP

    Christy White 2nd VP

    MDP Progressive Caucus

    Rev. David Bullock Chair

    Tawanna Simpson 1st VP

    Cary Eaton 2nd VP

    Deborah Tate Treasure

    Paul Mayhue, Voices Never Heard…Chair

    Dennis Bryant, Metropolitan Detroit Dem. Club

    13th District Chair

    13th’s Grass Roots Choices

    Tyrone Carter

    Darrell Brown

    Jonathan Kinloch

    Rick Blocker, 14th District Chair

    MDP’s 2015 Winter Convention

    Key events!

    Feb. 13th Dinner @ 600 Lafayette

    Feb. 14th Breakfast @ Cobo

    2015 Grass Roots Resolutions

    1. Where are the Jobs for Urban MI.?’

    2. To Overturn the Anti-Union Legislation by any Political Means Possible!

    3. For Home-rule and self governess in Urban Cities and School Districts.

    4. Union Caucus release your Delegates to Vote their Communities ‘Voices!

    Author: Paul Mayhue ‘Voice Never Heard’

    1. MDP must ‘Buy Michigan’!

    2. Only Detroiters GOTV in Detroit Neighborhoods

    Link to ’Free’ NEW MDP Membership

    Obama’s 2014 MI. Urban Grass Roots Candidates Our Walkers Walked for:

    2012 District MAP Congress: http://download.gannett.edgesuite.net/detnews/2011/pdf/0617congressmap.pdf

    12th Congressional District

    Hon. Sander Levin

    13th Congressional District

    2012 District MAP

    Hon. John Conyers, Jr.


    Walkers 2014 Endorsement set in Nov. 2013

    14th Congressional District

    2012 District Map

    Brenda Lawrence


    15th Congressional District

    Hon. Debbie Dingell

    Walkers 2014 Endorsement Set

    Walkers to Team Dingel, Call us if you need Us to Walk Monroe for you! Remember the Last time we walked Monroe County amongst you. The Dem.s had a Clean Swipe! We know Monrow County well!

    MI. State Senators




    Bert Johnson


    Morris Hood




    David Knezek

    Distict 7

    Dian Slavens

    District 32

    Stacy Erwin Oakes

    MI. State Representative

    2012 District MAP State House: http://download.gannett.edgesuite.net/detnews/2011/pdf/0617housemap.pd

    1st District

    Brian Banks


    2nd District

    Alberta Tinsley Talabi

    3rd District

    Vanessa Simpson Olive


    4th District

    Rose Mary Robinson

    5th District

    Ishmail Terry

    6th District

    Elena Herrada


    7h District

    Kurt Swanson


    8th District

    Stacy Pugh


    Sherry Gay-Dognago

    9th District

    Hessein Berry

    10th District

    Leslie Love


    11th District

    Hillard Hampton

    21st District

    Kristy Pagan

    27th District

    Kelli Williams


    32nd District

    Stacy Erwin Oakes

    35th District

    Kelly Garrett

    Wayne County Exec.

    Warren Evans

    Wayne County Sheriff

    Benny Napoleon


    Wayne County Commissioner

    First District

    Tim Killeen

    Second District

    Jewel Ware

    Third District

    Lamar Lemon III

    Fourth District

    Ilona Varga

    Sixth District

    Monique Baker Mc Cormick


    Seventh District

    Irma Clark-Coleman

    Eight Districts

    Alisha Bell

    3rd. Circuit Court Judge

    Shannon Walker

    Probate Court

    Rohn Mitchell

    Detroit School Brd. @ Large

    Dennis Byrant

    Ida Short

    Lamar Lemmons

    Rev. Murray

    Melaindie Hines

    WestLand School Brd.

    2010 13th/14th Grass Roots Precinct Delegates/Neighborhood Captains

  • Terry Catchings

    Hon. JoAnn Watson


    GOTV Web-cast

    Shelley Foy


    GOTV Web-cast

    Bettie Cook-Scott


    Rev. Andre Spivey


    Hon. Brenda Jones (Angel #1)


    Teola Hunter

    Ken Harris

    John Johnson

    Janice Mitchell-Ford

    Cara Blount

    Rosemary C. Robinson

    Ida Short

    Mohammad Okdie

    GOTV Web cast

    Leslie Love


    Reggie Reg Davis


    Stacy Pugh


    Keith Williams


  • Monique Baker McCormick


    Link to ’Free’ NEW MDP Membership

    Committed MDP Organizations/Clubs/Groups who guaranteed Delegates on Feb. 23rd Too Vote Mark Out!!! Come be with us in March 2014 @ the MDP Convention!!!!

    • Voices Never Heard

    • Men of Wisdom (Team Byrd-PHA Walk Crew)

    • Democratic Party Club

    • C.L.E.A.N. in Detroit

    • Square PAC

    • Friends of Detroit PAC

    • Judge Mathis Community Center


    • Obama Grass Roots 2013 Walk Crews (ALL NEW MDP Members)

    • Obama Team Detroit Walk Team (Grass Roots Youth Crew)

    Team Detroit’s Story Can be found in the Mall’s Coffee Demo Pages

    • Fund for African African-American Cultural and Educational Solidarity (F.A.C.E.S) Inc.

    • Pontiac Pride Precinct Delegates

    • Metropolitan Highland Park ‘Elks ‘ Lodge

    • Blackstone Park Association

    H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People Excel)

    • City Residence Precinct Delegates

    • LMR Blocks Club Association

    • Rosedale Park Improvement Association

    • Sherwood Forest Precinct Delegates

    • Palmer Woods Precinct Delegates

    • Green Acres Precinct Delegates

    • Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce

    • Feb. 23rd Incoming Michigan Democratic Party Black Caucus Leadership

    • Kent County Black Caucus

    • Battle Creek Black Caucus

    • Benton Harbor NAACP

    • Downriver NAACP

    • Michiganders for Obama

    • Free Detroit – No Consent

    • Muskegon Black Caucus

    • Muskegon Black Women’s PDs Group

    • National Action Network (Detroit)

    • Keep the Vote! No Take-Over!

    • Detroit Call’em Out

    • Original Eastside Slate

    • Detroit Grass Roots PDs

    • Old 13th’s, Power to the People

    • River Rouge NAACP

    • Detroit Community District Council Elected Officials

    • We the People of Detroit

    • Voices of Individuals Creating Economic Security

    • Vote VIP Action Network (Det.)

    Walkers ask all Organizations listed to

    Join the Michiganders April/May/June 22nd

    New Memebershipand Precinct Delegate Drive

    Link to ’Free’ NEW MDP Membership



Detroit Grass Roots Local PACs/Organizations

48217 Inc.
Benton Harbour NAACP
Call’em Out
City Residence
Community Collation
Detroit CDCs
Downriver NAACP
Detroit Push
F.A.C.E.S Inc.
Grass Roots For America
Keep the Vote/No Take Over
Kent County Black Caucus
Michiganders for Obama
Muskegon Black Caucus
Detroit Chapter of National Action Network
(New) Detroit NAACP
Pontiac NAACP
Power to the People
Occupy Demeacharacy
Occupy Detroit
Occupy The Hood
Organizing for America
Obama Team Detroit
We the People…Speak
Voices Never Heard
Voices of Individuals Creating Economic Security

Your Community's Voice
Is Your Vote!!!!
Use It!!!!!