The Men Of Wisdom

The Men of Wisdom Auxiliary is 12 yrs old in 2007. The Men of Wisdom has become a Detroit Legacy.

In 1995 2 (two) Plaza Travel busses Loaded with Detroit Men – Metro PHA Masons (Most from Wisdom # 57 Lodge, WM Maurice L. Badgett, Jr.), Fruits of Islam, Ministers, Crew members of HTC Teaming Partners and Individuals from the community, that attended the Million Man March (MMM).

1 (one) was sponsored by Progressive Pager; bus 4909 was sponsored by Badgett Industries Inc. The organizers of the trip, were the “Men of Wisdom.”

The Group left with the responsibility of providing security for the 300 busses that left Detroit which were all owned by
The Detroit African American Bus Association @ the time Mr. David Wright, the owner of Plaza Travel was their President.

During their visit to Washington’s Mall, several of the Men of Wisdom handed out business Cards too other Masonic WM and Brothers that they met from around the world. As far as, South Korea, West Germany, the Philippines and Japan and brothers from Lodges in California, Texas, Florida, Chicago. Today you know that initial Drum ‘beat’ On-line network as Pass the Word (PTW) or Voices! The Voices Moderators take pride in sharing with the World “Our ‘Flava’ of Detroit!” The PTW touches over 4.5 Million computers Worldwide. PTW touches Over 1.5 Million Computers in SE MI.

On the ride back home along with reflecting on the March experience the Men obligated themselves to some changes to themselves and the Communities in which they live.

  1. To Get Involved with the Political Process.

You can view the Men of Wisdom’s efforts in the Mall’s Political Forum Pages. Today the MOW is comprised of more than just PHA Men from Wisdom Lodge, but of Men and Women thru out the MI. PHA Family, Precinct Delegates, Candidates, Community Activist, Walkers and individuals that we touch in the Communities thru-out the State. The MOW is credited for not losing in a Detroit November Election since our return from the MMM. Most of us are die hard Democrats. But Democrat or Republican, we accept all Brothers, Sisters and who they touch, that want to participate in the Political Process. Men of Wisdom/A-Team would be best served to have Brothers, Sisters and who they touch from both parties.

The Men of Wisdom has discovered over the years as Precinct Delegates that the Democratic Party takes our Urban Vote for Granted. And the Republican Party Issues aren’t our Communities.

We come together to educate ourselves to the issues and to Network in outing that we call HTC’s Precinct Delegates’ “Night Out” or “Delegates’ Meet and Greets.”

  1. To do business with Brothers.

The Group authored the HTC PHA DSL Fundraiser. And thru HTC’s Teaming Partners and the Mall’s On-line directory has continued to promote “Brothers doing Business with Brothers”.

HTC is one of a very few ATT/SBC Enterprise Solutions Providers. HTC offers SBC Telecom @ the same Price, same paperwork, same Engineering as SBC Direct. The only difference being, that HTC can use the services of its Teaming Partners for a Total “IT Turn-Key” Solution. And the Commissions for those Telecom lines come to HTC in Detroit.

  1. To put an end to “Devil’s Night.

On Oct. 30, 1994 the 7th precinct in Detroit had over 450 arson fires reported. The 7th is the Home of the Michigan PHA Grand Lodge @ 3500 Mc Dougall.

In 1995 the Men of Wisdom came home and placed a small contingent of Brothers into the 7th Precinct in Detroit. From 1995 to today the 7th has never reported any arson fires on Oct. 30

In 1996 the Mayor awarded the Men of Wisdom the City’s Community Service award for their efforts.

In 1997 the Men of Wisdom placed a contingent of over 1000 Men in the 7th to Patrol the Neighborhood.
That year the Mayor proclaimed that the City had chased the Devil from their City and re named the Oct 30 Night as Angel’s Night.


In 1996 the HTC Launched the HTC On-line Mall. It hosted the Men of Wisdom Website, the 1st PHA Website Launched on the World Wide Web. Designed and Launched the Michigan PHA’s Grand Lodge, Marracci #13 PHA Detroit Shrines first web presence. Also designed and Launched Marracci Court’s 1st Commandress Pages which can still be viewed within the Mall’s Directory. And the Mall has also hosted many of its “Live” Broadcast of the Men of Wisdom’s Community Efforts thought-out the years

We are currently converting the Men of Wisdom into a Political Action Committee and the fiduciary of the HTC Telecom Fundraiser. In 2001 the MOW wrote and submitted the PHA Fundraiser to Detroit’s Empowerment Zone, Innovation Grant Program. The HTC/PHA Proposal was rejected. Only to find that the very same plan that we had written for the MI. PHA Family is now the bases of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Funding its PACs.

We has designed a Program to raise money to assist Front-line “Non-profits”. And to Fund the Men of Wisdom/A-Team for its Fall 2007/2008 “Flushing” efforts.

HTC/The Men of Wisdom plan to host an Fall 2007 Telecom Business Summit of it’s own to promote HTC and it’s Teaming Partners.


The HTC Mall Can be viewed on-line